Della Terra
Mountain Chateau

Jubilations Catering had the honor of catering the first wedding ever at Della Terra back in June 2010. More than a decade later we still love catering at this gorgeous venue. Jubilations has worked together with Della Terra staff on over 1,500 weddings since! The level of service coupled with the attention to detail makes this one of our staffs’ favorite places to work. Over the years, we have gleaned a few details specific to the venue!

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Considerations for Della Terra:

  • The buffet will be located upstairs, our staff is always happy to assist guests carrying their plates down the steps or get them a plate so that they don’t need to navigate the stairs
  • Plated Meals are a great option for up to 180 guests, any higher and it gets a little tight!
  • Approximately 132 guests can be seated downstairs, depending on the layout
  • If you need to use the balconies for seating, set your friends or families with small children up there.  It turns into a party for those guests and your friends are going to be downstairs dancing all night anyway
  • Use the full 7 hours allotted to your event.  If there’s a weather delay or photography takes a bit longer, you don’t need to stress about not enough dancing time.
  • It’s nice to have a hot beverage pre-ceremony during the fall and winter months.  A nice cup of hot cider or hot chocolate is a great way to welcome your guests.

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